Friday, May 27, 2011

REVIEW: Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Golden Brown

Photo taken from the Revlon website


The product: Revlon Colorsilk Luminista 120 Golden Brown
Price: Approximately 425pesos. A tad more expensive than the Revlon Colorsilk line.
Rating: 9/10 (I seem to be a high rater. Guess I'm easy to please. ^__^)
Where I bought it: PCX in Greenbelt but I believe this is now available in department stores and in Watsons
(+): Ammonia-free, product's odor was tolerable, was able to lighten my hair significantly, no allergic reactions, after-color conditioner is superb, easy to prepare/mix ingredients, clear and easy to follow instructions
(-): Tricky to apply on one's own hair--may need a bit of practice for this, despite it being ammonia-free it still did some damage on my hair but nothing conditioner and hair treatments can't fix

FIGI's hair color history: [PHOTO DUMP ALERT]

  • Original hair color is black. I've always thought my hair was black but in some pictures it would have a very dark brown tone to it. Anyway I still say my hair's originally black! :)

  • I colored it for the first time using Revlon Colorsilk Light Brown. It lightened my hair a little bit--color was now more of brown than black. It wasn't as light as I wanted it to be. The color wasn't that obvious. See pictures below.
  • After two months I decided to color my hair with Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Golden Brown. This product is meant for dark hair and it claims to not let hair become brassy. Most of the stuff I read online regarding hair coloring state that dark hair can only be lightened/colored by bleaching it first then applying the desired color. People say this is very damaging and so I never thought of doing it on my own hair. If you attempt to lighten/color your hair without bleaching then it can turn brassy--and this is what Luminista claims not to do.
  • The instructions say to leave it on the hair for 25 minutes but because I have dark hair and it takes time to completely apply the formula on my head I had it on for 40minutes. A few strands turned a little bit brassy, I think, but it's all good! Here are the results:
  • 1.5 months afterwards, around 1.5 in. of black roots were already visible and I hated the sight of it. I decided to color it again using Revlon Colorsilk Luminista 120 Golden Brown. I know coloring often isn't really healthy for the hair but ugh, dark roots are an eyesore! Actually next time I'm thinking of dying my hair dark again, maybe dark brown, so black roots would be less obvious. ;) Here are pictures from my 2nd coloring with Golden Brown:
Honestly my hair's condition isn't the same as its pre-colored state. The difference can be felt when my hair is wet, especially after shampooing. It feels dry and coarse and so I make it a point to use conditioner everyday and deep conditioning treatments once to twice a week. Doing so makes my hair soft and shiny again.

This entry isn't a tutorial so there are no step by step photos on how to color one's hair. The instructions included in the box are sufficient and are very easy to follow. :)

  • This product may or may not work for you depending on your hair structure. My hair strands are thin and smooth to begin with so I could say that those characteristics helped in making the color stick to my hair shaft.
  • Condition, condition, condition! Take extra care of your colored hair. Don't skimp on conditioner. I actually use up a lot of conditioner now compared to when I had virgin hair. I use shampoo and conditioner for dry/damaged hair.
  • ALWAYS DO AN ALLERGY TEST PRIOR TO USING HAIR COLORING PRODUCTS. I cannot stress this enough. Do a patch test too to see what results the hair dye will have on your hair. Instructions for the allergy and patch tests are included in the box.
  • For dark hair, you may opt to leave the product on longer than what is instructed but do this at your own risk. Do several patch tests to see how long you must keep the product on for the desired color to show up. :)
  • When sporting brown hair, it's good to lighten your eyebrows too BUT DON'T USE THE SAME HAIR DYE ON YOUR EYEBROWS as it is meant for the hair on your head only. I've bleached my eyebrows last night using Sally Hansen's Creme Hair Bleach. I read the review of a blogger about it and followed her instructions. Visit her blog to read the review. :)
  • If you have long and thick hair (length extends up to below your shoulders) it's advisable to purchase 2 boxes of hair dye to ensure even coverage.
Guess that will be it for now. It feels good to have updated my blog again! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post. Have a nice day!



  1. thank you!! that was sooooo helpful :)

  2. Omgg hun you helped soo much.<3
    I'm going to try this.(: Thank you.

  3. is your hair rebonded?
    is it safe to dye rebonded hair?

  4. @Anonymous Hello! No, my hair isn't rebonded. I believe it's safe to dye rebonded hair, but from what I've read you have to wait for at least 2 weeks after you get your hair rebonded for it to be okay. :)

    I suppose the intense heat exposure from rebonding may weaken/damage hair and coloring hair may cause damage too so it's best to space the timing of both processes well so as to minimize the bad effects. :)

  5. @Czarina You're welcome! :) Hope the products works well on you too!

  6. thanks soooo much, it's so helpful~~ can I ask you a question? Your hair get immediately that 'golden' brown right after you dye it? becoz' it's a little to vibrant since I still go to school. I want to archive more of the 'chocolate' look (like on the box), can you give me any tips?

  7. @Ly Babie Hello! I apologize for the late reply. :) If you want to achieve more of a chocolate brown look, you can try Revlon Colorsilk Luminista in 115 Natural Brown. :)

  8. hi i have dark brown hair and it has hints of reddish and orange colors and i was trying to get a medium ash brown like this hair color i dont know what to call it really what color would you suggest?

  9. oh and should i use revlon colorsilk or revlon colorsilk luminista

  10. @Brittney Hi Brittney! The color does seem like it has an ash tone to it. I'm sorry to say this but I'm not sure what color to recommend for you to get that same color. Coloring one's own hair is pretty tricky. You may use an ash brown hairdye but I can't guarantee that the result will be the same as in the picture.

    Based on what I know though (I am no hair color expert), you can only achieve that exact color if you have your hair bleached then a medium ash brown color applied... or maybe have it done at a salon?

    Anyway, about your other question, you may want to use Revlon Colorsilk Luminista as it's the one formulated for darker hair. :)

  11. Thank you soo much I've been looking for a way to get my black hair to brown, and after 3 unsuccessful dyes with other brands the color only showed in the sun, so i'm really excited to try this out! :DD Should I try a lighter brown since my hair shaft is really thick and coarse? it is hard to penetrate with dye

    1. Hello! :) Hmm, I'd recommend dying your hair with a lighter color, for example if you want brown hair then try light brown. Hopefully Revlon Colorsilk Luminista works for you since it's for dark hair.

      You may also choose to leave the dye on your hair longer than what is recommended in the box, but do this at your own risk. :) If it says 25minutes, try going for 40 or 45, but again, it may do more damage to your hair.

      Good luck! ^__^

  12. Hello my natural hair is strawberry blonde and I wanted to go darker so I dyed it black but now since the black is slowly fading my roots look ugly and with black hair its very hard to go lighter I wad wondering which color would work to make my hair look like a golden brown hair color(:

  13. Hello my natural hair is strawberry blonde and I wanted to go darker so I dyed it black but now since the black is slowly fading my roots look ugly and with black hair its very hard to go lighter I wad wondering which color would work to make my hair look like a golden brown hair color(:

  14. Hello my natural hair is strawberry blonde and I wanted to go darker so I dyed it black but now since the black is slowly fading my roots look ugly and with black hair its very hard to go lighter I wad wondering which color would work to make my hair look like a golden brown hair color(:

    1. Hello! I apologize for the very late reply and at the same time I also apologize because I don't think I know enough about hair color to be able to really help you out. I did a quick google search and it seems what other people recommend is using a color remover to strip the permanent black hair dye from your hair. After stripping, find a golden brown hair dye to color your hair with. I hope you find a hair color remover near you! Good luck! :)

  15. Hi! What do you recommend using if i want to color my hair black. I have a dark brown hair would it be revlon colorsilk or revlon luminista? I hope you reply. Thanks.

    1. Hello! I haven't tried the Revlon Luminista in black yet, but I've tried the Revlon Colorsilk in black and it looked good. :) It turned my hair into the most beautiful black it had ever been. The color faded after several weeks but it's okay because it still looked nice.

  16. Hi! I didn't know you'd reply asap. I dyed my hair burgundy 2 days ago. I'll try the colorsilk black next month. :) keep on posting beautiful pics. God Bless.

  17. Have you ever tried mixing shades of Luminista? Say for example 120 and 114? I tried the 120 and I find it too light for me. Or even mixing with the regular colorsilk - like 47 Rich Medium Brown and Luminista 120? I bought a couple of boxes of the 120 on sale and I'd like to use them. Thx.